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Welcome to Haven Park

Haven Park was established in 1970 near Casterton in the rolling hills of Western Victoria, mid-way between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Haven Park Poll Dorsets, Haven Park Corriedales and Bruk Bruk East Friesian studs are run by Haven Park Enterprises and owned by Graham, Shirley, Rick and Nancy Foster.

Haven Park Breeding Aims

Haven Park aims to achieve livestock with structural soundness, superior carcass quality and high growth. It has been proven that these breeding goals deliver early maturing lambs to export and trade weights. The average lamb drop is in excess of 26kgs carcass weight and a high percentage above 28kgs at four to five months of age.

On the maternal side Haven Park has focused on increasing fertility, survival rates, milk production and growth to deliver higher returns per hectare. To do this we have used a Corriedale ewe base and crossed East Friesian and East Friesian cross rams to produce the first cross prime lamb mothers that consistently produce high lambing percentages and heavy lambs.


Haven Park 1970   Haven Park 2020

Haven Park has turned 50 this year.

Graham & Shirley Foster