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East Friesian Breeding Aims

Over the next few seasons we aim to increase the quality of the ewes and rams we breed whilst also increasing the stud ewe flock and diversifying the East Friesian's gene pool through classing up appendix ewes using Border Leicester infusions. Implementing this crossbreeding program will result in the ram lambs of these crosses being available as perfect maternal sires.

We aim to breed a ram that is: 

  • Structurally sound - The introduction of the Border Leicester sires grading up to pure East Friesian will ensure the sure footedness of your sheep.
  • Bare breached - East Friesian's have no wool around the breach or head resulting in no need for crutching or wigging.
  • True to type - Select rams are chosen for their relative likeness to the East Friesian look.
  • Early maturing - Ewe lambs can be joined with the ability to produce good lambing percentages as 12 month old sheep, ram lambs can be used at a young age, enabling the ability to allow quick genetic gain.
  • Fertile -Able to produce 180% lambs consistently.
  • Balanced ASBV's - High growth rates and high weaning rates.

East Friesian Border Leicester Cross

The resulting cross breed is a very impressive and represents the best traits at each breed fertility milk clear
head and legs black feet hybrid vigor. These rams give consistency of type better length, wool quality and
lower micron, and ability to finish stock as a prime article compared to other composites.

Multiplying your profit with multiples

Lambplan statistics

EF ewe with twin Border ram lambs.